To assist a major gold mining operation in Western Australia to improve sustainable environmental practices on their mine site, Future Power WA was tasked with the goal of relocating one of the mines critical high voltage power lines underground, therefore enabling haul trucks to travel shorter distances in their daily routine. To accomplish this task, Future Power WA was given a timeframe of eight weeks to complete the job from initial approach to commissioning of the power line as an “add on” for the mine site annual maintenance shutdown.

The project entailed excavation and trenching through 400 meters of coarse rock backfill, placing 400m3 of fill sand and 250m of reinforced steel culvert in the area of the haul pack ramp. Future Power WA then had to manufacture, supply and install three high voltage power poles for termination and recloser services.  Final stages of the project included pulling in 185mm2 high voltage cable, fibre optic services and then cutover the power supply and fibre in a critical 12-hour shutdown.

This seemingly simple idea has reduced the mine site fuel consumption of diesel by four million litres per annum, which is a significant reduction in the mines’ carbon footprint.

Due to the successful implementation of this idea, Future Power WA was awarded the second stage of this works located in a different area of the mine site to again replicate the outcomes of reduced fuel consumption and sustainable environmental improvement. Again Future Power WA has successfully concluded the outcome of this project.

Both of these projects were added onto Future Power WA’s existing works contract at the mine site, due to our efficient work practices that do not compromise on safety and our “can do” approach of the management team and staff when faced with additional challenges.

Powerline Maintenance & Reporting

Future Power WA was recently engaged to supply plant and labour for remedial works to the interconnect power system during a planned shutdown.

The works included:

  • Site visit to assess the condition of the interconnect line and to advise of the remedial action required.
  • Supply of a complete safety methodology which included including a breakdown of each task, as well as plant and equipment requirements.
  • Supply and installation of industry approved line products and hardware.
  • Supply manning, plant and equipment to complete all remedial works within a planned 24-hour mine shutdown/power outage. 
  • Switch maintenance, HV cable repairs, Recloser testing, reporting and maintenance, hot joint repairs and re-lugging, cleaning, testing and reporting on condition of aerial apparatus including recommendations for future remedial works and maintenance.

The project was completed on time, on budget and without incident.